Jayne Lee

I have been traveling for over a year and have had a few recruiters in my short time on my new adventure. What I like  best about AMX healthcare is my recruiter, Benjamin. As you know contracts are for a limited amount of time. So, it’s very important that you have a good relationship with […]

Sandra Ross

I have nothing but good words for this company. My experience with Benjamin and Kevin has been very great. Benjamin goes above and beyond to see that you have work. Great recruiters, great company. Thanks for all you do.

Yanina Sanders

Five stars!!! Benjamin was always available for questions!!!! The overall experience was great.

Princess Jordan

Speaking with Leandro helped me better at understanding how this all works out. This is an opportunity that is a blessing and I am going to be grateful for this experience. Thanks, Leandro!!

Tiphanie Senegar

All I can say is Jourdan Benjamin is the best. I worked with them for 5 months, and any time I had a problem with the facility Jourdan had my back 100%; he never went against the facility. He did all he could to get my contract reinstated, and I was there for 5 months… […]

Yonna Bellemy

Great agency. I love Ben and he is an amazing recruiter.