Adolphus Montgomery

AMX Healthcare came into my life at a crucial time, I had just recovered from COVID 19 and was looking for work. And not only did it work,  it was hands down the best traveling assignment I’ve ever had, to the point the  facility kept extending my contract. I would  like to thank all the […]

Marilyn Mott

Leandro was very helpful and answered all my questions. If I had a concern, he addressed it quickly. The onboarding process was easy, and he took the time to explain the requirements and kept the lines of communication open via email and text messages

Jayne Lee

I have been traveling for over a year and have had a few recruiters in my short time on my new adventure. What I like  best about AMX healthcare is my recruiter, Benjamin. As you know contracts are for a limited amount of time. So, it’s very important that you have a good relationship with […]

Sandra Ross

I have nothing but good words for this company. My experience with Benjamin and Kevin has been very great. Benjamin goes above and beyond to see that you have work. Great recruiters, great company. Thanks for all you do.

Jessica Aviles

I’m so glad that I decided to work for this company. They’re so helpful and on top of things. I truly see a great future for this company and myself. My recruiter, Leandro, is the best. He works with my schedule and tries to find the perfect fit for me. Great place to work for.