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Why you need to speed up your hiring strategy

The world is speeding up. Transportation, systems, transactions, Usain Bolt.. everything seems to be getting quicker and quicker. As you know, the healthcare market is incredibly competitive. And if your hiring system is outdated, you risk being left behind. Here are 5 ways you can speed up your hiring process and position your company to adapt quickly to the ever-changing market.

1) Start by writing a clear job advert

I once over heard a conversation with a recruiter. It went a long the lines of “I keep my job adverts as vague and cryptic as possible. This will broaden the scope of applicants that I can collect and use to sell into other positions.” Now, I’m no recruiter. But research indicates that having clear, detailed job adverts return higher click through through rates and higher quality leads. Be sure to write detailed descriptions of specific job descriptions, essential requirements and qualifications. You will have less applications but ultimately better quality, saving you more time.

2) Less is more so reduce the steps

Imagine applying for a position and within minutes you get a call from the talent acquisition team. How do you think that will make the applicant feel? Appreciated, right? Then, after the brief prescreening call, an invitation for a zoom call or face to face (Covid-19 permitting). Often, an issue that Talent Acquisition managers run into is taking the applicant through a the number of policies and procedures in line with outdated hiring systems. Interviews are of course necessary but I know of some companies with up to 5 stages! When you do conduct interviews and after 5 minutes in, you have concluded that the person clearly is right for the job, don’t be afraid to cut it short. As harsh as that sounds, the competition doesn’t stop.

3) Leverage Technology

There are new technologies and software being taken to market every day. New systems and processes to streamline the prescreening and selection stages, AI and machine learning to analyse metrics and determine the perfect candidates. There are also incredibly sophisticated software tools to parse data from resumes onto spreadsheets and digital interview platforms to screen candidates based on their paper qualifications. Invest in these new technologies and it will benefit you in the long run.

4) Don’t delay job offers

I personally have some great experiences with companies interview processes and some really bad ones, of which you guessed it, decided against working for. When you have taken the applicant through the different phases, allowing for several different touch points with stakeholders and they have got to the stage of offer – what more is there to think about? In fact, have the offer in place before the interview process begins. Delaying this stage will only lead to frustration and increase the risk that you will lose out on to the competition.

5) Reach out to a professional

Like them or hate them, recruiters play a critical role in providing external hiring support to HR teams and companies worldwide. There is a reason it is billion dollar industry. It works. All recruiters do from 7am to 7pm is speak to candidates in the marketplace. And in most cases, utilising a staffing & employment firm can rapidly speed up the hiring process. There is a very important note to add here that just in any industry, there is a hierarchy of the good and the bad. Be sure to do your own research when selecting a staffing & employment firm to partner with. The good ones should be specialists within their niche. They should set clear expectations with you and deliver on them in a timely manner. They should keep you updated throughout every stage, provide insight and offer consultative advice. They should also provide after care, ensuring they maximise the chances on the new hire staying with your company for a long period of time.

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