Pay And Benefits

Experience our industry leading pay packages and benefits.

How much do allied health and nurse professionals make?

Becoming an allied health or nurse professional at AMX Healthcare can provide you with a highly rewarding and lucrative career. We offer industry leading pay rates and generous benefits to ensure we are maximizing your earning potential

Factors That Affect Your Pay

There are multiple factors that can influence your total pay package. These include things like your specialty, location, and the added benefits that you choose to include. Your recruiter will work closely with you to ensure you maximize your earning potential and meet your financial goals.

Be Open And Flexible

As you already know, pay packages vary depending on several factors. If you are flexible in your job search and open to a wide range of locations, you will often have the opportunity to achieve higher earnings.

Our experienced recruiters use a consultative approach to offer advice on topics like which specialties are in the most demand and which states on average are offering the highest pay. When you decide to join the AMX team, you will receive a trustworthy and transparent service.

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How We Care For Your Well-Being

Medical and Dental Plan

We provide three different medical insurance plans to suit your requirements. Each offers industry-leading benefits and covers a multitude of medical services. You will also have access to an impressive dental package that helps with various dental costs, routine cleanings, and advanced procedures. These benefits are available for you, your spouse, and eligible children.

Sick Pay

As soon as you start working at AMX Healthcare within specific states, you begin accruing sick time. Check with your recruiter for additional details.

Reward And Bonus Program

We take pride in our allied health and nursing professionals who work on the frontline. And we believe hard work should be rewarded. That’s why we offer an exciting bonus and reward program. You will enjoy discounts on major retail brands, gift cards, and performance-based bonus payments! Ask your recruiter for more information.

Life Insurance

Work with the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are prepared for the future. Some options include guaranteed premiums that do not increase during the selected term. You may be able to convert benefit amounts into cash value life insurance and flexibility to keep the policy if you change jobs or retire. The benefit for the beneficiary is typically tax-free.