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Why you need to diversify your hiring strategy

Having a diverse workforce is more important now than ever. A trend in recent years for branding purposes has now become essential for other such benefits including creativity, team collaboration and ROI. Read on to see the top reasons why diversifying your hiring strategy is essential for any healthcare company.

Increased creativity

Research indicates companies with employees from multiple different backgrounds, significantly increases greater workplace creativity. People who have diverse experiences often have unique skill sets to offer. They can use their backgrounds to see things from different angles and identify creative solutions to problems by thinking out side the box. You want continual innovation? Create an environment where people can use their strengths, share different perspectives and learn from each other.

Can help with expansion strategies

The world is becoming increasingly inter connected. And with that, comes the need for companies to expand operations across multiple states and internationally. However, this comes with its challenges. The most notable one being language barriers. Having a diverse workforce enables you to break down those barriers, often at lower costs. If you have multiple employees who speak different languages, there is no need to pay costly translators.

Attracts a larger talent pool

If your hiring strategy is one that is inclusive and far reaching, you will be able to access a much larger candidate pool and statistically, a larger talent base. Create job ads and marketing material in multiple languages, tap into different cultures and be seen to promote diversity. This can also results in more potential candidates being attracted to work for your company that adopts inclusive policies.

Increased patient satisfaction

Having a diverse workforce of nurses contributes to enhanced patient care and better patient outcomes. People can relate better, communication is improved and patients become more comfortable, helping to bridge the divide between the culture and the beliefs.

Increased employee motivation

Remember that feeling when you enter party and you didn’t get the memo it was fancy dress? No? Just me then. It’s an uncomfortable feeling being the odd one out. When there is a lack of diversity in a company, minorities can feel neglected and insecure. They often feel as though they need to fit it and therefore unable to express their unique talents and personality traits. This then leads to stress, low morale and motivation. Instil into a companies core, the internal thread that a worker’s cultural and ethnic background, should be seen an advantage that should be celebrated. Do this and you will have motivated, fulfilled nurses that embrace their uniqueness.