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Why Nursing Is A Great Career Choice

Thinking of becoming a nurse? Here are some reasons why nursing is such a noble and rewarding profession.


– You will have a wide range of job opportunities. Nurses and allied health professionals are in huge demand across the market and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 9% growth rate in nursing jobs between 2020 to 2030

– Being a nurse offers you the opportunity to earn an excellent salary, especially if you pursue further education with a nursing specialty or bachelor’s degree and keep upskilling yourself. You can make a great living and, along with that, have economic stability considering that nursing jobs are always in high demand.

– The nursing career field is diverse with many areas to specialize. From a critical ICU nurse to a dialysis nurse, there are many routes to explore and become specialized within.

Being a nurse is much more than having the opportunity to earn a great salary or a range of job opportunities. Being a nurse is highly rewarding and provides a huge amount of fulfillment. It is building meaningful connections with patients and families, caring for other human beings, improving society, promoting good health and making a real difference in the world.